Single calf box

A calf box or igloo is an effective accommodation system that helps you prevent contamination between calves and allows you to properly monitor feed consumption in the first few weeks after birth.

Single calf box
Single calf box

Calf box and single box sizes

The Royal de Boer calf box is available in two sizes:

Interior size

Exterior (including bucket holder)

Single box small

130 x 85 x 106 cm

173 x 93 x 131 cm

121 kg

Single box large

160 x 100 x 106 cm

201 x 107 x 131 cm

160 kg

Royal de Boer loves the cow and her calves. Optimum calf care from the moment of birth is an excellent way of contributing to the breeding programme. Calf care is an essential part of a healthy herd. The calf box or single calf box by Royal de Boer is the ideal choice for this.