VIDEO: Optimal efficiency and safety in your barn with this cow feed fence!

VIDEO: Optimal efficiency and safety in your barn with this cow feed fence!

In your dairy barn design, the safety and welfare of your cows is of utmost importance. An essential part of such a barn is a safe feed fence that allows your cows to safely access their cow feed. An example of such a feed fence is our Twist & Lock Safety Feed Fence. As the name suggests, the gate has safety very high on its agenda. In addition, it has also carefully considered labour efficiency and user-friendliness for you as a livestock farmer. Area Sales Manager Gosse Lycklama will be happy to tell you more about this feed fence and explain how it works.

A safe feed fence for your cows

The Twist & Lock safety feed fence lives up to its name. Because there is a large space between the fixed bar and the catch bar at the bottom, a cow can free itself if it unexpectedly slips. Getting stuck will therefore never happen. This significantly reduces the risk of damage or injury when reaching for the cow feed.

A centralised control system on top of the feed fence

Not only safety scores high with this gate, but also ease of use makes this feed fence a good choice. This is because the Twist & Lock feed fence has a centralised control system that allows accurate management of feeding processes. Cows can be released or locked individually. With a control lever, approx. 30 metres of feed fence can be centrally set to catch or release. The catch gate is locked when the cow puts her head through the head gate and reaches for the cow feed.

Not a basic feed fence: every detail has been thought through

So the Twist & Lock Safety Feeding Fence has been carefully designed. Every detail has been thoroughly thought through. "The large header hole, the heavy bottom tube into which the vertical bars disappear completely, smoothly finished pivot points, a plastic silencer and wide reach; this Twist & Lock feed fence has it all. There is also a solid piece of iron at the top of the movable bar to absorb extra forces when the cows are stuck," says Gosse. Even your clothes have been thought of, because with the specially rounded mounting parts in the feed barriers you will never again get caught unintentionally. In short, every detail has been thought through and that makes this feed fence a very good choice for both your cows and you as a farmer.

Effortless operation with rotary knob

The feed fence is operated by means of a rotary knob. These are mounted on top of the feed fence at each opening, making operation easy and accessible. This allows individual cows to be held, when the other animals in the group are released with the central lever. This is easy if you want to hold individual animals for a while for treatment. Conversely, by pressing the release button, individual animals can be released individually, while the remaining animals remain fixed. Useful if one or a few cows need to be separated.

A smart investment for your barn equipment dairy cattle

In short, the Twist & Lock feed fence is a smart investment for your dairy cattle barn equipment. With the Twist & Lock Safety Feedgate, you can significantly improve the safety, efficiency and flexibility of your dairy barn and safely separate your cows as they reach for their cow feed.

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