VIDEO: Optimise cow comfort with Royal de Boer's innovative B3130-Flex cubicle divider!

VIDEO: Optimise cow comfort with Royal de Boer's innovative B3130-Flex cubicle divider!

It is essential that your cows feel comfortable and safe in their environment. That they feel at home in the barn. Because stress or health problems are not only detrimental to the cow's well-being, it also directly affects milk production. That is why we at Royal de Boer have designed the B3130-Flex cubicle. It is completely designed according to the cow's movements and needs. The cubicle is unique, flexible, safe and robust. Area Sales Manager Gosse Lycklama is happy to introduce you to this revolutionary cow comfort solution. And will be happy to tell you more about the great results he has seen in practice.

Cow comfort solution

"Our cubicle partitioning is specially designed to move with the cows' movements," says Gosse. "By making the cubicle flexible, the risk of damage to the cows' backs is greatly reduced. In practice, we see fantastic results. The cows rarely if ever have damage again."

Safety for cows

Besides cow comfort and health, safety is of course incredibly important. We want to prevent a cow becoming trapped and, in the worst case, crashing. That is why this cubicle is equipped with a smart shoulder boom tube. "The smart shoulder boom tube can move upwards, allowing cows to pass easily without getting trapped," says Gosse. The stanchion tubes of the flexible cubicle are positioned backwards, allowing cows to stand straight in the cubicle effortlessly.

Durable construction

The flexible bracket is made of durable materials, such as polypropylene and steel tubes, to ensure a sturdy and reliable construction. "By choosing durable materials, we have ensured that the cubicle partition can withstand the daily challenges of animal husbandry," says Gosse.

Comfort for cows

A remarkable feature of this cubicle is that it can move up to 15 centimetres to the left or right when a cow lies down. This allows your cow to nestle at ease, without getting trapped. As Gosse says: "Comfort for the cows is at the heart of this product."

Better performance

Livestock farmers using this cubicle report that their cows have remarkably fewer injuries and damage and spend an average of about 14 hours a day in the cubicle. This results in happy and healthy cows, which translates into better milk production. Livestock farmer Johannes van der Velde from Nijega, Friesland, is also very satisfied with the cubicle and says: "We still have a number of old lying bed systems in the barn and you notice that the cows clearly prefer to lie in the new cubicles. We have therefore installed another row of B3130 bedding systems on the other side of the barn, so the cows don't just stay on one side of the barn. The cows overwhelmingly choose the B3130, which is great to see."

Watch the whole interview with Johannes here

If you want to know more about this innovative cubicle partition and how it can help your cattle farm, don't hesitate to contact us! We are ready to show you how this product works in practice and how it can help you make your cows happier and healthier.

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