VIDEO: Complete RdB barn equipment for Nieuwland family in Rotstergaast!

VIDEO: Complete RdB barn equipment for Nieuwland family in Rotstergaast!

It was about time to hit the farm again! So we headed out to the Nieuwland family, in beautiful Rotstergaast, a small village on the outskirts of Heerenveen in Friesland. Since September 2022, this beautiful new barn for some 130 cows has been built here, with a complete Royal de Boer barn interior. The Royal de Boer green details of this barn in combination with our recognisable B3130-Flex recliners created beautiful images.

A big project with a great result. The Nieuwland family chose (among other things) the B3130 bedding system in combination with a Durasoft cow mattress. In total, this barn was furnished with no less than:

  • 128 cubicle dividers (B3130-Flex with knee tube)
  • 128 Cow mattresses (Durasoft with PU foam)
  • 106 feeding places and 5 passageways (Twist & Lock safety feed barriers)
  • 3 Easy stainless steel drinking troughs with protection bars
  • 2 Cow brushes
  • Cow routing fencing
  • Breeze ventilation curtains

A beautiful new barn where attention to detail was paid throughout the process, from design to installation. No bolt has been left out, the knobs of the Twist & Lock fences are beautifully finished with plastic caps and we even took into account keeping the farmer's overalls intact by rounding off certain parts. We go the extra mile by paying attention to small but important details like these.

This barn is a fine example of how we pursue our mission: creating a place where (not only) cows feel at home. We wish the farmer good luck with the transfer and, of course, much (working) pleasure from our products!

Dealer: Koopstra Handelsonderneming Wolvega | Quotations and guidance: Gosse Lycklama | Assembly: Kooistra Montagebedrijf Dokkum | Barn design: Farm Design

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