Royal the Boer and VES-Artex join forces

Royal the Boer and VES-Artex join forces

U.S.-based VES-Artex and Netherlands-based Royal de Boer will operate as individual brands while leveraging shared global facilities, resources, and talent to help dairies succeed in a changing environment.

VES-Artex and Royal de Boer will join forces, bringing together two of the dairy industry’s most prominent names in animal well-being, comfort, and productivity. VES-Artex, a Turntide Company, is a United States-based innovator specializing in Animal-Centered Environments, with a focus on technology and sustainability. Royal de Boer is a Netherlands-based manufacturer focused on leading barn equipment solutions ranging from climate control to manure management.

Closing of the transaction is subject to comment and approval by the Dutch Works Council. Each brand will continue to operate independently via established sales channels.

“Both VES-Artex and Royal de Boer are focused on animal comfort and well-being, and the greater role those factors play in all phases of the dairy and the greater food ecosystem,” says Ed Paradowski, CEO, VES-Artex. “Bringing these two renowned organizations together signals a global commitment to helping dairies succeed in increasingly challenging environments, by improving the lives of their animals and reducing energy and other costs.”

The companies each deliver complementary products and services that will improve technology offerings globally while also streamlining how products are brought to market. VES-Artex’s solutions focus on animal comfort, labor-saving automation, connectivity, and digitization, while Royal de Boer has built a powerful legacy around barn equipment solutions that improve dairy operations and animal comfort.

“The common mission of animal care and what that means to dairy businesses globally is what drives all of us,” says Leo Eekhof, Managing Director, Royal de Boer. “Dairy farms operate differently around the globe. Joining forces will help our teams standardize on best practices for dairies large and small, no matter where they are. And through the sharing and merging of manufacturing facilities, supply chains, and distribution networks, we will deliver new levels of efficiency, performance, and quality never before seen in the dairy facility space. This will drive even greater advantages such as enhanced pace of innovation, as well as a lower carbon footprint through shared facilities, transportation, and efficiency.”

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