Milsana, Steinhöfel, OT Heinersdorf (Germany)

Milsana, Steinhöfel, OT Heinersdorf (Germany)

Project Milsana, Steinhöfel, OT Heinersdorf (Germany)

  • 34 employees
  • 1600 cows
  • 180 Heifers
  • 200 Calves
  • 3 stables

Milsana, a beautiful project that Royal de Boer is very proud to be a part of!
This large German dairy farmer has chosen for Royal de Boer Barn Equipment because of our vision on cow comfort and the wellbeing of her employees.

Royal de Boer has supplied Milsana with 2 dairy cowsheds, the repro start-up and the treatment line with selection possibilities.

The expectations of Erik Zijlstra, the owner of the company, are: a higher milk production per cow, more milk per employee, a better animal health, a longer life span of the cows and satisfied employees.

The barn is still under construction, we will keep you updated on the progress regularly!