Royal de Boer Poly rope drive

As the name indicates, the Royal de Boer Poly rope uses a polyester rope as a pulling agent. The polyester rope is one of the most animal friendly materials to use in the cows’ walking alley. It forms a natural obstacle, is soft and doesn’t contain any sharp parts.

Royal de Boer Poly rope drive
Royal de Boer Poly rope drive

Loved by dairy farmers

The drive is loved by dairy farmers for the following reasons:

  • The rope doesn’t form an obstacle on the alley and will never damage the claws;
  • The combination of low motor power and a self-adjusting control box easily switches the system off in the event of an incident;
  • The system does not take up much space and can be built in flexibly;
  • The simple and proven durable installation.

Applicable in many barn designs

This makes the rope drive applicable in many barn designs. For example, in robotic milking parlours, the Poly rope installation cleans an alley behind the feed fence, connected to the DG-321 control box.  The area at the front of the robot, with the productive animals, is frequently and automatically cleaned at start times. Taking into account the feeding times, so as not to disturb the cows. The part of the corridor behind the robot, where the care and calving groups are located, is cleaned under supervision. Only after a manual command is given does the drive make the full stroke to clean the entire manure alley. This application offers optimal flexibility and animal friendliness.